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Pinalen Pine Cleaner - 9L

Pinalen Pine Cleaner - 9L

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About this item

  • Clean, disinfect, deodorize and remove stubborn stains
  • Eliminates bacteria on non-porous, non-food contact, solid surfaces

  • Description

    Whether it's bathrubs, ceramic sinks, kitchen counters, walls and baseboards, laundry or the garage, Pinalen® Pine Cleaner's concentrated pine oil formula cleans, deodorizes and kills bacteria.


    • Disinfect - Pinalen Pine Cleaner is a multipurpose liquid cleaner that eliminates bacteria on non-porous, non-food contact, solid surfaces in your home
    • Clean - use this cleaning product on floors, glazed ceramic tile, garbage cans, kitchen cabinets, toilet bowls and sinks, even whitewall tires
    • Deodorize - Remove food smells from garbage cans and sink drains and freshen your laundry when added to your regular detergent
    • Carpets, Furniture and Walls - clean crayon markets, gum, pen ink or food stains out of carpets, rugs and on walls without damaging, decolorizing or bleaching fabrics or textures
    • Laundry - fight your toughest stains like red wine, grass, makeup, red pen ink, crayon, gum, grease and food like ketchup and jelly on your white and colorfast fabrics


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