Nabisco Mini Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (1.5 oz. ea., 30 pk.)

Nabisco Mini Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (1.5 oz. ea., 30 pk.)

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  • Chocolate cookies with cream filling
  • 30 - 1.5 oz. packs
  • Labeled for resale
  • Kosher Dairy



We love this miniaturized version of the classic chocolate cookie cream sandwich because it's small enough for single bites and convenient to eat anywhere, without all the crumbs.

Celebrate the kid inside with Oreo's 100th birthday. When did everything get so serious? Since 1912, we've made it our business to make life a little less serious. In a world that's become far too adult, a couple of Nabisco Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, a glass of milk, and a shared twist, lick and dunk is all it takes to get back to that carefree feeling of childhood. For our 100th Birthday we're here to remind you that there's a kid inside all of us who deserves to be set free every now and then.



  • Box Dimensions: 11.169"H x 9.575"W x 6.450"D

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Oreo Sandwich Cookies

  • Filled with wonder, they're milk's favorite cookie

    Wonderfilled Oreo is milk’s favorite cookie, and people aren’t far behind. Whether you're craving the classic taste of childhood or wanting to delight in fun new flavors, there's an Oreo Sandwich Cookie waiting to tease your taste buds.

    Twist 'em, dunk 'em, share 'em, or enjoy them all on your own. Oreo cookies are the perfect anytime snack and coffee break companion, plus they're a welcome addition to any party or gathering. Add Oreo to your favorite dessert recipes for a delicious new sensation that will keep family and friends coming back for more. No matter which size, shape, or flavor you choose, every variety of the Oreo family is sure to please and delight.

  • About Oreo

    Magic happened on March 6, 1912, when two decoratively embossed chocolate-flavored wafers met up with a rich creme filling to create the very first Oreo cookie.

    Today, Oreos are enjoyed in over 100 countries. Available in a variety of flavors and sizes that are sure to delight, one thing remains the same--Oreo is milk's favorite cookie.

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