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Hint Water Variety Pack (16 fl. oz., 18 pk.)

Hint Water Variety Pack (16 fl. oz., 18 pk.)

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Why We Love This

A refreshing alternative to unhealthy soda, this naturally flavored water is made without sugar or diet sweeteners.

About this item

  • Pure flavored water with a splash of natural flavor
  • Healthy alternative to sugary juices and soda
  • Great for hydration during workouts and on the run
  • Naturally refreshing—drink water, not sugar


It's water, just tastier. Drink fruit-infused water with 0 calories and 0 sweeteners. It's a refreshing and healthy alternative to juice, soda, and other sweetened drinks.

Hint is changing consumer expectations for what goes into beverages. They're dedicated to helping people get healthier. No competitor creates that blend of healthfulness with exceptionally delightful taste that is free of sweeteners.

Try Hint's mouthwatering water today!