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Grade A Large White Eggs (3 doz.)

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About this item

  • 36 fresh large white eggs
  • 2 egg cartons, each with 18 eggs
  • Grade A
  • Shrink-wrapped into one package


Used as a base in many baked goods, and as the main ingredient to many meals, Grade A Large White Eggs offer a large amount of protein, 0 carbs with no added sugars. WIth an average of 6 grams of protein per white egg, these nutrient-dense powerhouses offer enough to power you through the day.

What Should You Do with 3 Dozen Eggs?

Eggs contain valuable sources of proteins, nutrients and calories. They are simple enough they can be made into dozens of meals whether poached, fried or scrambled. Keep eggs on hand for brunch pancakes or french toast. Hard boil a few white eggs to add to a morning breakfast or take as a portable and convenient snack no matter how busy you are. White eggs are great complement to roast and stirfried veggies, and a hearty addition to fried rice. Add cheese to scrambled eggs and a side of salsa or Pico de Gallo for a southwest style brunch or enjoy the tradition of a good hollandaise sauce atop poached eggs.

How Are Eggs Used for Baking?

Eggs are used in many recipes. The trick to creating rich cakes, fresh brownies and warm indulgent chocolate chip cookies? Simply white eggs. Keep a carton of fresh large white eggs in the fridge for those moments the craving for a sweet baked good craving. Make tasty breakfast dishes like French toast with fresh cinnamon and toad in the hole with a side of home fries.

Think Outside of the Carton

Eggs are useful for more than just cooking and baking. Add eggs to your flower beds or potted plants for a nutritional boost. Decorate eggs during the Easter holiday for a fun-filled afternoon. Leverage the power of eggs and make your own conditioner for a natural hair treatment alternative. Large white eggs are excellent for dozens of recipes, baked creations and some unexpected home uses.