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VIZIO SmartCast D-Series 32

VIZIO SmartCast D-Series 32" Class FHD (1080P) Smart Full-Array LED TV (D32f-G)

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Why We Love This

Built with an intuitive interface for easy navigation, this Smart TV provides instant access to popular apps right on its brilliant 32" screen, at 1080p Full HD resolution.

About this item

  • Faster, easier-to-use Vizio Smart TV with instant access to popular apps
  • 1080p Full HD Resolution
  • Full-Array LED Backlight–for exceptional light uniformity and picture performance
  • Chromecast built-in–stream your favorite shows, movies and music
  • Works with the Google Assistant


Get an amazing picture and some of the industry's leading technology with the VIZIO SmartCast D-Series 32" Class FHD (1080p) Smart Full-Array LED TV (D32f-F1). This Vizio smart TV will replace your existing TV with not only a better picture, but the ability to download apps that will expand everything you can do with it.

What Is a Smart TV?

A smart TV is one that can download apps, just like your phone. There are countless apps out there that you can try, but they're all designed to give you more from your Vizio smart TV. For example, you can download the YouTube app and watch all of the content on that site straight from your phone. Another good example with would the weather app, which will let you know the day's forecast even while you're watching something else. The Vizio Smart TV comes with several other useful features as well, such as the Quick Start Mode, which lets you turn your TV on without touching a remote or even lifting a finger.

Which TVs Come with Chromecast?

Vizio D-Series 32 comes already pre-loaded with Chromecast. This versatile app is designed so you can stream your favorite movies, music, TV shows and more, all within the app. In fact, all of the Vizio D-Series come with Chromecast. Chromecast allows you to browse hundreds of Chromecast apps, which lets you stream straight to the TV at the press of a button.

Can I Voice-control my TV?

If it's a Vizio Smart TV you can, thanks to Google Assistant and Alexa. Not only can you turn your TV on and off with voice commands, you can program a number of other commands too. By combining the power of Alexa and Vizio Smart TVs, you can tell your TV to change the channel, get louder, get softer or even stick to a certain words per minute count.