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Scotch Desktop Tape Dispenser Value Pack

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About this item

  • Value Pack includes a classic black tape dispenser with 4 rolls of tape
  • Preferred tape for offices, homes and schools
  • Ideal for permanent paper mending
  • Invisible when applied and won't show on copies
  • Scotch tape dispenser


The Scotch Desktop Tape Dispenser Value Pack contains 4 rolls of tape, including a Scotch 18 classic desktop tape dispenser with weighted base, which is an economical tape dispenser allowing for one-handed dispensing.

How Can Scotch Desktop Tape Dispenser Value Pack Be Used?

Preferred by offices, homes and schools, Scotch Magic Tape is invisible when applied and won't show on copies. This makes it an ideal tape for permanent paper mending.

Scotch tape can be written on with pen, pencil or marker, and it pulls off the roll smoothly. In addition, Scotch Magic Tape cuts easily and is very reliable. Made with globally sourced materials, the tape is photo safe and made in the USA. In addition, this package contains an economical, reliable, classic-style black desktop Scotch tape dispenser.

What Are Some Creative Uses for Scotch Magic Tape?

The Scotch Desktop Tape Dispenser Value Pack contains 4 rolls of Scotch Magic Tape that can be useful for a myriad of household tasks. Here a few you may not have considered.

When hanging a picture, place a small piece of tape over the spot where you will hammer the nail. This helps keep the plaster from chipping. Use tape to clean your keyboard by sliding a 2 1/2-inch piece of tape between keys to pick up dust and crumbs. Seal the end of a shoelace that has begun to fray.

Scotch tape can be used to piece together ideas, combine thoughts and make changes on a mood board for inspiration. Make custom wrapping paper by starting with brown craft paper, and using an empty roll of Scotch Magic Tape to make prints by dipping the side of the tape roll into a small container of white paint, and press the roll onto your paper, in whatever pattern you prefer.

Other Specifications

Scotch Magic Tape is transparent office tape with a glossy finish. The rolls are 3/4" wide; the core is 1 inch wide. Each role contains 1000 inches of tape.

The tensile strength is 28 lbs./in width.