Pringles Original Grab 'n' Go (2.36 oz., 12 ct.)

Pringles Original Grab 'n' Go (2.36 oz., 12 ct.)

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About this item

  • Pringles Grab n Go Potato Chips in convenient stack packs
  • Packaged for individual resale
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • Kosher


Reach for the Pringles® Original Grab 'n' Go (2.36 oz., 12 ct.) when you want a crunchy and savory snack to enjoy anywhere you roam. Iconic Pringles can now be enjoyed in this smaller sized can for individual snacking and simple munching while on the go.

About Pringles Original Grab 'n' Go

This box contains a Pringles 12 pack of single serving cans. Each can is stacked with Pringles Original, the thin and crispy potato chip that is lightly salted and super fun to eat. Pringles Grab and Go are delicious right out of the can and made with simple ingredients. They can also be enjoyed with dips, like hummus, salsa, guacamole and nacho cheese, for a heartier snack. Traditional Pringles tubes are too long to cart around for a snack in most settings, so these Pringles small cans are perfect for when you want something tasty that can easily fit in your backpack or bag.

Who Loves These Pringles Small Cans?

Anyone who loves that classic Pringles taste and texture, as well as the ease of on the go snacking. Pringles Grab and Go are great for the family as each mini can is filling, yet light on calories and fat. Parents can fit a can in their kids' lunchboxes and a nab a can for themselves for a crunchy work snack. They're also individually labeled for resale, so use to sell at convenience stores, concessions stands and fundraisers.

Are Pringles Original Grab 'n' Go Good for Parties?

Yes! Everyone knows Pringles thanks to their unique stacked dispensing and bright red tube package. Now these Pringles small cans can be handed out at parties so everyone can enjoy their own serving of thin and crispy Pringles Original. They go with just about anything, from drinks and appetizers to anything that may follow for entrées and dessert. Set out cans of Pringles Grab and Go on a table, making an eye-catching Pringles tower and let your guests get to snacking!