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Neon Fliker Y-Volution

Neon Fliker Y-Volution

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  • Suitable for age 7 years +
  • Twist and stow folding system
  • Industrial casters and reinforced steel tubing
  • Performance rated PU wheels for speed
  • Quick response brake for increased control
  • Maximum Loading Weight: 175lbs (80kg)
Step up and jump on board! The biggest and fastest in the Air range, the Y Fliker A3 allows you to drift and carve like never before. No more kicking the pavement and losing speed. To accelerate all you have to do is sway your hips from side to side!
Fast rolling wheels, quick response brakes and reinforced larger size steel frame makes this one crazy stunt machine. Twist and stow for easy carrying around town, then unfold the mighty Y Fliker A3 and pull off awesome freestyle carving in style.