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Honeywell LED Rectangular Security Light (2 Pk., Titanium Gray)

Honeywell LED Rectangular Security Light (2 Pk., Titanium Gray)

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Why We Love This

Anywhere you need light, all night long. Illuminate entire barns, yards and perimeters with these two super-bright 4000 lumen security lights.

About this item

  • Die-cast aluminum construction
  • No bulb to replace
  • Photocell provides automatic on/off
  • 5-year warranty


Keep your home or office a lit with the Honeywell® LED Rectangular Security Light 2 Pack Titanium Gray. One of the best security measures is simply having a well-lit area. These security lights are tough, durable, long-lasting and bright. These security lights are quick and easy to install as well and all the hardware you'll need is included in the box.

Why Use Honeywell LED Lights?

LED security lights have a few big advantages over their more traditional predecessors. First is the LED bulbs themselves. Rather than one bulb, these Honeywell security lights actually have 42 integrated LED lights. Unlike incandescent bulbs, these LED lights never need to be changed so you won't be left in the dark. This effectively makes Honeywell security lights maintenance-free.

Are LED Security Lights Efficient?

Another advantage of LED security lights is their incredible efficiency. A photocell provides an automatic on/off switch so you can't accidentally leave them on, wasting energy. Even when they are on and operating, LED security lights use significantly less energy than traditional bulks. Honeywell LED security lights are Energy Star rated and consume only 42W of electricity.

Where Can I Use Honeywell LED Security Lights?

These lights can be used all over the place and in all sorts of situations. Because they are so bright, you can use them to illuminate your entire yard, a whole barn or the inside of a garage. They are lightweight yet durable thanks to their die-cast aluminum construction. They are easy to install as well, expanding your options of where to put them. Once they are up you can rest easy that you'll get years of use out of them as well, as each set of LED security lights come with a 5-year Manufacturer's Warranty from Honeywell.