AXE XL Deodorant Body Spray, Phoenix or Apollo (5.1 oz., 4 pk.)

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About this item

  • Subtle yet masculine fragrance of AXE Phoenix or AXE Apollo
  • Goes well with AXE Body Wash or AXE Antiperspirant Deodorant Sticks
  • A few quick sprays of AXE Body Wash are all you need
  • Clean and light enough to wear throughout the day
  • Now contains 27% more produc


AXE XL Deodorant Body Spray, Phoenix or Apollo (5.1 oz, 4-pack) now contains 27% more product. The subtle fragrance of AXE deodorant body spray protects from odors while providing a clean light fragrance that is never overpowering and is suitable for all-day wear. AXE Phoenix is named after the mythic bird engulfed and consumed by flame only to rise from its own ashes. So find your magic with this great product.

Has the AXE XL Deodorant Body Spray, Phoenix or Apollo Product Changed?

Only the packaging of the deodorant has changed; the product is still the same classic masculine scent that is loved by many. This scent stands out and has an addictive edge. Make sure you are noticed with the great smell of AXE deodorant spray. AXE Phoenix is a crisp fragrance with subtle hints of sandalwood, fresh sage and green fruit; the scent provided is refreshing and vibrant.

How Should AXE XL Deodorant Body Spray, Phoenix or Apollo be Used?

Although the best smelling AXE body spray is a deodorant, it's not just for the areas under your arms; use Apollo or Phoenix body spray all over your body. This deodorant spray smells amazing and provides effective protection from body odors. Apply this premium fragrance after your morning shower or any time during the day. The lingering aroma will enhance your personal chemistry and turn into an enticing scent that will follow you throughout the day.

Easy and Convenient

AXE deodorant body spray requires only a few light and convenient sprays to ensure that you smell good for that special date, that special girl, school event or just for your own peace of mind. Throw a container of AXE Phoenix deodorant in your gym bag when heading to school or keep one in your car for a quick spray when you get to your destination. Smelling great changes the way people think about you; be remembered, smell fantastic with AXE Phoenix or Apollo deodorant spray.