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Crayola Craft Chest 171-Piece Kit

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Why we love this

This Crayola Craft Chest comes with 171 pieces for any crafter. It's great for school-aged children, teens, adults, beginners crafters or seasoned crafters. 

About this item

  • 171 craft pieces
  • Portable storage chest
  • All your craft basics to make numerous projects
  • Ages 4+


The plastic storage box with a useful handle is ideal for storing all of your crafting accessories. The chest is jam-packed with crafting materials including craft sticks, poly shapes, wiggly eyes, foam shapes, sequins, pom-poms, tissue, colored paper, card, beads and chenille stems. There's certainly enough to keep the little ones occupied over the school holidays, on a rainy day, and whenever they need to express themselves.