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Commercial Floor Cleaner and Degreaser (1 gal.)

Commercial Floor Cleaner and Degreaser (1 gal.)

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Why we love this

Formulated for the foodservice industry, this potent cleaner and degreaser by will get your establishment in inspection-ready shape.

About this item

  • Concentrated - makes up to 64 gallons
  • Dissolves grease and grime
  • All-purpose kitchen degreaser
  • Works great on quarry tile floors


Let industrial-grade Commercial Floor Cleaner and Degreaser remove your toughest foodservice grease. Its fast-acting formula cuts through even the largest grease spills and other restaurant messes to improve employee and customer safety. Use it for routine cleaning, scrubbing, pressure washing, or spray-and-wipe cleaning to give your floors and surfaces that famous Commercial clean.

Recommended Surfaces: Hard, nonporous surfaces including quarry tile, terrazzo, concrete, commercial-grade vinyl composite tile (VCT), industrial-grade vinyl or synthetic floors, grease hoods, flashing and foodservice equipment


  • 1 gal. plastic jug
  • Use on floors, walls and equipment
  • Dissolves grease, oil and food soils
  • Great for foam applications
  • Designed for commercial foodservice soils
  • NSF Nonfood Compounds Program Listed A1