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Cocktail Croissants (20 ct.)

Cocktail Croissants (20 ct.)

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About this item

Cocktail Croissants are rich, sweet buttery tasting croissants. Made with an all butter blend, a layered, flaky texture with an airy inside and soft interior.




Cocktail Croissants provide the best all around value to Club Members in flavor, quality and price. The Cocktail croissant is made with the highest percentage butter to dough ratio available in the market today. The extra time spent in production, layering butter into the dough enables club members to taste the rich butter flavoring between each flaky layer. The butter is layered into the croissant dough 108 times during the production process to maintain it's flaky texture exterior and buttery flavored interior. This dedication to quality sets the Cocktail croissant apart from competitors.


  • Cocktail Croissants
  • 20 ct. Box
  • Rich butter flavor
  • Fresh baked in club
  • Flaky texture on the outside
  • Airy inside and soft interior


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