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belVita Bites Variety Pack (1 oz., 36 ct.)

belVita Bites Variety Pack (1 oz., 36 ct.)

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About this item

  • belVita Breakfast Bites made with real, wholesome ingredients
  • Lightly sweet, bite-sized, crunchy biscuits
  • 3 flavors: blueberry, cinnamon brown sugar, chocolate
  • No high fructose corn syrup


belVita Bites Variety Pack gives you the perfect selection of healthy and tasty snacks that you can eat anywhere you go and at any time of the day. These are small, serving-sized bags that are easy to eat on the go.

What Are belVita Bites?

These are bite-sized little biscuits. They have a crunchy texture and taste only lightly sweet. It's enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, but without overloading you with sugar.

What Flavors Come in the belVita Bites Variety Pack?

There are three delicious flavors in this variety pack. They are Chocolate, Blueberry and Cinnamon Brown Sugar. The flavor assortment is sure to give you something that everyone in your family will like.

What Kind of Ingredients Are In belVita Bites Variety Pack?

Just like with belVita Breakfast Biscuits, the ingredients are all natural and wholesome, so you know you're giving yourself and your family something that gives everyone good nutritional value. The flavors of snacks in this variety pack are made with whole grain, real blueberries, cocoa and cinnamon. You won't find any high-fructose corn syrup, nor any artificial colors or sweeteners.

What Other Products Does belVita Make?

Other products the company makes are belVita Breakfast Bars, belVita Sandwich Bars and belVita Breakfast Biscuits.

What Are the belVita Breakfast Biscuit Flavors?

There are more flavors than what you get with the belVita Breakfast Bites. The Breakfast Biscuits come in three additional crunchy flavors. Those three are Toasted Coconut, Cranberry Orange and Golden Oat.

The grains that belVita uses to make these biscuits help you sustain your energy levels between meals. The biscuits are nutritious and provide you with steady energy throughout your morning.