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ArtSkills 24 Pack Craft Bags 8

ArtSkills 24 Pack Craft Bags 8" x 10"

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About this item

  • 24 gift bags: Suitable for versatile design ideas
  • Tissue paper included: Used as wrapping or packaging material
  • Twisted cord handle: Offers wear-resistance
  • 8" x 10" bag size: Delivers ample carrying capacity for small items


Place your gifts in a fun and exciting pack with these ArtSkills craft bags. The 24 pieces let you practice different designs and art so you can present a fully customized bag to different recipients based on age, interests or tastes, while also offering multiple pieces that last for months or serve a large audience. The spacious interior offers plenty of room to place light groceries, art supplies and other small items, presenting an on-trend yet flexible solution when shopping.


These ArtSkills craft bags arrive with tissue paper included, offering a handy material for gift wrapping or packing sensitive or fragile items during transit, while the twisted string handle ensures durability and prevents breaks or drops when carrying.


Versatile Design Options.

Add your own decorations, pictures or art on these ArtSkills craft bags for a custom crafty appearance to match any occasion. The generous brown surface measuring lets you integrate versatile drawings using ink or Crayola, or create advanced patterns and logos using a printer.


Can these bags be printed or drawn on?

These ArtSkills craft bags can be drawn or printed on using paint or stencils.